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Managing Data Across Devices

by Jul 12, 2011Ag Leader

I was working with a local Ag Leader dealer on a technical issue this spring, and when we had solved the matter I told the dealer we had a Knowledgebase document dealing with the specific topic in case it happened again.  I offered to email it to him so he would have it handy in the future.  The dealer informed me that he would put this document in his Dropbox.

dropbox image

Dropbox is a software utility that can be installed on almost anything, from desktop PCs to smartphones.  It will sync data placed in the Dropbox between all the devices on your Dropbox account, serving as a sort of shared folder.   For example, I could put a draft of this blog post in the Dropbox on my work computer and it would sync to my blackberry so I can proofread it at home (see the screenshot to the right).

After talking to this dealer about their uses for Dropbox, I instantly realized using it to sync information within an Ag Leader dealership was a great way for them to manage support items,. Here’s how they’re utilizing this tool:

First, they keep a copy of the current display firmware for each Ag Leader display.  This ensures the technician in the field will always have the most current version available. The dealer also uses it to store technical documentation, such as installation instructions, service bulletins, quick reference sheets and more. Keeping these items in their Dropbox ensures everyone in the field has all the information necessary to do their job.  The dealership uses Dropbox to manage its growers’ data as well, as this dealership handles the mapping for their growers.  They can copy data from a grower’s display and immediately place in a Dropbox folder for the grower, which then allows someone at the main office to start reading the grower’s data into SMS.

As you can see, Dropbox can be a very convenient tool. Although there are other ways to manage and share your information, the way this dealership is using Dropbox is working very well for them. I wanted to share how Dropbox is being used with a local dealership as an example that might spark ideas for how this tool – or something similar – could help your Ag Leader dealership or your farm operation.


(Please note: Ag Leader Customer Support is not responsible for supporting Dropbox questions or concerns.)