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March Basketball Madness Hits Ag Leader

by Apr 17, 2012Ag Leader

As basketball madness swept the country, it also took over the aisles and offices of Ag Leader. The fever got the best of us and we had to participate in the “madness” by putting together a friendly pool of our own.

Teams of three to five Ag Leader employees put their basketball knowledge to the test as they vied for great prizes including Ag Leader hats, t-shirts, sweatshirts, and the best prize of all: the bragging rights.

The outcome is as follows:


Left to right: Kurt Townsend, Shane Gavin, Tyler Petzenhauser

1st : Team Young Guns

Shane Gavin

Tyler Petzenhauser

Kurt Townsend


2nd: Team Sasquatch

Roger Demiter

Byron Drury

Vahid Ellig

Aisha Steege

Kirk Stevens


3rd: Team Perfect Bracket Engineers

Chris Cran

James Dimond

Nick Gerard

Caleb Grundmeier

Tim Lien


Thanks to all of the Ag Leader teams who participated in the fun!