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Meet the Interns – Part 2

by May 30, 2013Ag Leader, Training & Support

Think of all the movies you’ve seen in which the interns make the copies, get the coffee and wait on the “boss” hand and foot. Now erase that from your memory, because that is nothing like the experience these students had.

Our Interns commit 7 months of time away from their studies to train and work just as a normal part of the Ag Leader Tech Support team. This year Tech Support had five outstanding Interns that have proven to be a great asset to the team. We introduced two in “Meet the Interns Part 1” Take a minute and learn about two more below. Chances are you’ve talked to them at some point and didn’t even know it. 


Andrew Pierce
Major: Agricultural Systems Technology – Iowa State
Andrew’s favorite thing about working at Ag Leader is being able to help customers better understand how to make the most of their Ag Leader Product. He enjoys assisting customers troubleshoot systems and guiding them to a solution. He loves hearing from customers the different methods of farming from different areas.


Hannah Powell
Major: Agricultural Systems Technology (focus in Biosystems Management) – Iowa State
Hannah says, “An Ag Leader is a communicator; a person who understands the vital importance of the world around us.  They understand the importance of communicating their needs in addition to listening to the needs of others.  Ag Leaders know that agriculture is a fundamental basic of our society.  After all, if there are no farmers, there is no food. There are Ag Leaders all around us; in the fields, on the road, or even in the office.  No matter where you find an Ag Leader, you can take comfort in knowing that each and every one of us is working hard to sustain a growing world.”