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Meet the Interns – Part 3

by Jun 3, 2013Ag Leader, Training & Support

Think of all the movies you’ve seen in which the interns make the copies, get the coffee and wait on the “boss” hand and foot. Now erase that from your memory, because that is nothing like the experience these students had.

Our Interns commit 7 months of time away from their studies to train and work just as a normal part of the Ag Leader Tech Support team. This year Tech Support had five outstanding Interns that have proven to be a great asset to the team. So far, we've introduced four interns in Part 1 and 2. Last, but not least, take a minute and learn about Anthony. Chances are you’ve talked to him at some point and didn’t even know it.


Anthony Hughes
Major: Agricultural Business – Iowa State
Anthony’s most memorable call was from a farmer that had accidentally lost his applied map; which showed him where he had previously planted, and wanted to know the best way to make his clutches automatically work again.  Anthony gave him a couple options and as he was driving to the other side of the field they started talking.  It turns out the farmer was an alumnus of ISU and a member of the fraternity Anthony belongs to.  They ended up having a good conversation about the “good old times” and fixed his problem in the process.

A huge thanks to our devoted interns for the hard work they have put in over the past seven months. We wish them the very best of luck in the future!