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Meet the New Faces in Machine Guidance Support

by Jun 6, 2013Uncategorized

Have you ever been sitting on the other side of a phone call with someone at call center and wonder, “who is this guy, and what kind of person does it take to do what he does?” Depending on the call center that you were working with, the question might have been raised from either a good or bad experience.
At Ag Leader, our Machine Guidance team is dedicated to bringing you the best support possible.  That being said, let's meet the new Machine Guidance staff and get to know “that guy on the other side of the phone.”


Mike Skyberg
Growing up in Iowa has exposed him heavily to agriculture. Since Mike was young he's been into advancing technology in Ag. With that, he knew the field of agriculture would be a solid field of study so he went to Iowa State. When he began, friends and family asked what he thought he would be doing after graduation. He always told them he wanted to work for Ag Leader. Ag Leader plays a big role on technology in farming and he knew that was something he wanted to be a part of. In December 2012, Mike graduated from Iowa State University with majors in Agricultural Systems Technology emphasis on Machine Systems, and Industrial Technology emphasis on Manufacturing. After graduation he picked up some free time to go fishing and drag racing.


Ryan Mauzey
Ryan has always had a passion for agriculture.  He grew up around farming and decided to pursue a degree in the agriculture field by attending the College of Agriculture at the University of Missouri.  He received his Bachelors and Masters degrees in Agriculture Systems Management, with an emphasis in precision agriculture from the University of Missouri in 2009.  Before joining the Ag Leader team, Ryan worked as a regional sales manager for a dealership for four years, selling and servicing precision ag equipment. In the beginning of 2013, Ryan began his career at Ag leader as a Field Support Technician in the Southwest region. In his spare time, Ryan enjoys duck hunting and working on his old tractors and trucks.


Colton Penning
Colton is a soon to be graduate of Agriculture Studies at Iowa State. He grew up on a family farm where his family started using precision guidance equipment just a few years ago. It was an interesting aspect of farming that helped him decide that working at Ag Leader was something he wanted to do. As the world of farming has developed in the past few decades, the costs of farming have increased as well.  Ag Leader has developed products that help farmers improve their efficiency and accuracy of working in the fields, allowing them to save costs and focus time on other aspects of their operation.  Colton enjoys being part of a team of people lead the world in agriculture guidance equipment and being able to help farmers get their work done.


Jordan Recker
Jordan has been exposed to agriculture his whole life. He grew up on a family farm in northeast Iowa that is ran by his father and uncle. Jordan is currently a junior at Iowa State University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in Agricultural Systems Technology. After college, Jordan hopes to someday go back and take over the family farm. Jordan joined the Ag Leader team in January of 2013 as a Machine Guidance Support Intern. In his spare time, Jordan enjoys riding motorcycles and spending time with friends and family.


Mitch Peterson
Mitch has spent his whole life around agriculture.  He grew up helping his dad with his business doing everything he could to help out.  This led him to follow his Dads footsteps and pursue a degree from Iowa State University in Agriculture Studies.  He is currently a sophomore in Agriculture Studies at Iowa State and is planning on graduating in the spring of 2015.  Mitch began his internship with Ag Leader in January of 2013 as a GPS/Machine Guidance Support Technician.  In his spare time, Mitch enjoys hunting, fishing, riding his atv, motorcycle, and helping out back home when possible.

Thanks to everyone for meeting, learning, and working with the Machine Guidance staff, both new and old, as we begin to wrap up the spring planting season.