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More Q & A from Hardware Training

by Jul 22, 2010Training & Support

Since my last post I have had to empty out my rain gauge a few times.  It does not happen very often we complain about all the rain that we are getting in mid to late July.  While I do not have the answer to why we are receiving all of this rain now, I do have some answers to questions  we have received during training.

GPS & Steering – If a ParaDyme fails calibration verification can I still use it for steering?

No, if  ParaDyme fails this step it ignores the calibration and you must redo the Auto Cal.  You must pass the verification step before the system can be engaged on a line.  For details about the calibration verification step in the Auto Cal process see the current ParaDyme manual for Version 1.6.17177.

SeedCommand – When I pulled into one of my fields to plant I noticed the display was counting acres, AutoSwath was working correctly but I was not able to see my map on the display.  Why didn’t my map show up and what can I do to prevent this from happening again?

Different scenarios can cause this to happen.  The most common scenario is when the operator loads a field on to the run screen while he is at home with the planter lowered to the ground.  The monitor then logs that point as being planted in a field and it is actually miles away.  As the operator drives to the field the onscreen map will zoom out to keep the point that was logged at home.  It also keeps the planter's current position on the map screen.  By the time the operator arrives at the field the map is zoomed out so far the field is no longer visible on the display.  The short term fix is to press the clear bounds button which re-centers the map over your current position.  The long term solution is to create field boundaries for all of your fields.

DirectCommand – When I am spraying over 10 miles per hour I receive a message on my monitor that says, “Max speed exceeded for Automatic Swath Control with 1 Hz GPS”.  What does this message mean?

When that message appears it means that your GPS receiver is outputting strings of information to your monitor at a rate less than 5 times per second.  Check to make sure the receiver you are using is capable of outputting 5 Hz.   If it is capable of outputting 5 Hz change the receiver Hz to 5, the baud rate to 19200 or higher and the message will no longer appear.

Harvest – What is the difference between Automatic Variety Tracking and Automatic Region Changing?

For starters, both options are used to track the varieties you planted earlier in the year.  The Automatic Variety Tracking option only tracks the varieties; it notifies the operator when he/she enters  a different variety while harvesting. To help categorize Automatic Region Changing, let's first define a region.  A region is a way to separate data in a field…some guys separate it by truck loads, some guys define regions by varieties, others do it by bins.   When you use Automatic Region Changing you are automatically separating the data by varieties.  All other regions are logged manually.

Hope the answers to these questions will save you some time in the future.  Remember Ag Leader Hardware Training is going on around the country. Contact your Ag Leader Dealer for dates in your area; a schedule can also be found here.