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New Additions to the Software Support Team!

by Feb 11, 2013Training & Support

As usual, things at Ag Leader are growing and changing. The software support team is no exception with two new employees added to the line-up.


Sherry joined Ag Leader in June of 2012 as a full-time Software Support Specialist responding to customer requests for assistance, as well as participating in customer training classes.  She grew  up in rural central Iowa not far from Ames and has remained in the area most of her life while raising her two sons.  Sherry attended the University of Northern Iowa and Iowa State University graduating with a degree in Business Administration. She has spent her career in the IT field and holds 2 certifications in Software Quality Assurance.  In her spare time, she enjoys spending time with her family, outdoor activities and using her certifications as a fitness instructor and health coach to help others.


Kris has been with Ag Leader Technology since July 2012 and currently serves as the Software Administrative Assistant for the SMS Software Support Team. Kris enjoys rural living and enjoys training her dogs in agility. Kris’s main duties involve processing software maintenance statements, helping customers get their software registered or updated to the latest version of software, registering customers for training events, and CD production.