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New Dealer Clinics at the Academy!

by May 26, 2015Training & Support

With spring coming to an end and the planting season wrapping up, it is a perfect time to come to the Ag Leader Academy and polish up your skills with some training. The training team at Ag Leader has developed and organized two new clinics that we are very excited to share. This summer the two courses are available to dealers. In the future we hope to offer a similar clinic to customers. This innovative idea combines a variety of current courses and operations into a two day session. The Fall Clinic and Displays and Data Management courses are great for a simple review of the full lifecycle of precision farming data or as a focused introduction if you are brand new to Ag Leader.

The full circle Displays and Data Management course incorporates material from our Displays, AgFiniti®, and SMS™ Software courses. The learners will spend the first day learning the layout of the display through hands-on practice. Learners will wrap up the first day by exporting data using AgFiniti® and reading the data into the SMS Software. The second day provides learners with valuable data manipulation skills including: creating maps, reports, queries and analysis tools, prescription building, and exporting setup items to a device. The course concludes by coming full circle and importing the setup into the display.


In addition to the Displays and Data Management Clinic, we here at the Academy are excited to offer the Fall Clinic.  From the field to the office, this two day clinic will focus on fall field operations.  The first day takes the learners through Ag Leader’s yield monitoring system from installation to harvesting data in the field and then analyzing the information using SMS desktop software.  The second day provides setup and installation of Ag Leader’s DirectCommand™ systems, creation of variable rate fertilizer prescriptions using SMS™ desktop software, and transferring files seamlessly using AgFiniti.

We hope you will join us this summer to help us kick-off these two new courses. For more information about these courses or any other trainings we offer this summer you can email us at