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New SeedCommand Enhancements for Smooth Planting Operation

by Dec 15, 2017Ag Leader, Displays, SeedCommand®

Released today, version 3.0 for InCommand brings some convenient new features that allow for the best planting performance this spring.

Planter Performance Split Screen for All Crop Types

The planter performance split screen is now available for all crop types when the configuration is using down force. This means that all crop types will display readouts for population, seed spacing, meter speed (SureDrive) and down force applied, gauge wheel readings and trends, as well as vacuum (if equipped).

Down Force Trends Graph

At a glance verification that each row is automatically adjusting down force as expected. Quickly and easily verify correct installation and operation health of the down force system.

Read the full InCommand v3.0 release notes and download firmware here.