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Planting Progress in SE Iowa

by May 13, 2011Ag Leader, Guidance & Steering, SeedCommand®

Things are busy on our operation in southeast Iowa! Corn planting is progressing nicely, and we should be done in a few more days. Here are a few key updates from our planting season so far:

  • Advanced Seed Monitoring was an excellent addition, showing that one of our seed discs was malfunctioning which allowed us to quickly diagnose and fix the problem.
  • Our planning prior to planting season proved very valuable, as prescriptions for planting and all other technology updates were preloaded, ensuring no down-time when fields were in good condition.
  • Using automated steering when working 15-hour days has been very helpful, especially when we’re trying to get as much work done as possible before the next rain storm.
  • Using technology to instantaneously record acres and amount of product (seed and fertilizer) continues to prove very helpful in daily planning of activities.

Below is a recent picture I took while putting down some fertilizer in preparation for planting.


I hope planting is going well for everyone. Feel free to share your comments and updates on planting progress and how precision technology is helping on your operation this spring in the comments section below!