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Protect your Precision Ag Investment this winter

by Nov 29, 2016Ag Leader, Blog

Now that harvest, fall application and maybe tiling are winding down we hope that you had a safe and successful fall season in the field. As you are putting equipment away for the winter we have some suggestions you can take to protect and prolong the life of your precision farming investment.


When field activity is wrapped up for the winter we recommend bringing the display inside to the house or a heated shop. Store in a dust free cabinet or container. Before putting the display away it is a good idea to clean the display. If using a cleaner, remember not to spray directly on the display but rather spray the cloth first, then wipe off the display. Only use cleaners that are marked safe for use on TVs and computer monitors.

Modules and Cabling

Before putting implements away for the winter do a quick inspection on the modules and cabling. Check cable and module connections for corrosion or rust and apply dielectric grease to connectors to prevent corrosion over the off-season. Check for any pinched wires or cabling.

Yield Monitoring Systems

For yield monitor users there are some items to take note on to help prevent issues next fall. The first step is to clean out excess grain when harvest is complete. To completely empty the EMU, there are two pins holding the retaining block at the bottom of the EMU. Once those are removed, the block will come out and any excess grain will fall out. The other important item for winterizing the yield monitor system is the grain flow sensor. It is advisable to remove the flow sensor for the off-season and store it indoors. Rodents like to chew on the soft potting material of the load cell, which can cause costly damage to the flow sensor.

   Flow sensor location
   Elevator Mount Unit 

Taking simple steps on winterizing your equipment can prolong the life of your Ag Leader equipment. As always, if you have questions please contact our technical support team by phone at (515) 735-7000 or by email at