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Putting science into recreation

by Jun 29, 2010SMS™ Software

When we were developing SMS Mobile several years ago, we had three main goals in mind. Ÿ        

Make it useful.

onscreen golf

Make it easy. Ÿ        

Make it take a few strokes off my golf game. Well, two of the three goals were implemented more during the development stages than the later, but since the product has been released, we have had all kinds of uses that we didn't expect. One of the more creative was a user who was an avid golfer, and they found a use to determine the distance from the fairway to the green.  On one outing he walked to the center of the green, and marked a point in SMS Mobile, and named it Hole 1, Hole 2, etc.  On the next outing to the course, he loaded the file, and navigated to the points (greens) as he played his round.  The navigation tools provided the distances, as well as direction from his shot to the green.  Later he got even fancier, and downloaded a background image for the course to help get a feel for distances from trees, sand traps, and water hazards. He never openly admitted to improving his game, but he still brings it with him today…perhaps to intimidate the other players?

Golf Mobile 281

Regardless of how you use SMS Mobile, for work or play, the possibilities are endless in ways it can be used, and how it can assist you with daily activities.  Some other uses that SMS Mobile can provide for play include: ŸNavigating back to tree stands used for hunting. ŸNavigating back to favorite fishing holes. ŸCreating corn mazes. Geo-caching.

What else have you used it for?