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Simplify Your Crop Insurance Reporting!

by May 24, 2013SMS™ Software

As another crop insurance reporting deadline nears, we begin to recall all the details necessary to report what’s been planted.  Important field details such as planted crop type, dates and acres are necessary to complete the process.  I’ve found over the years that using my precision farming data can help make the process simpler and more efficient.


My two planter displays

During the planting season I periodically import my data into my SMS Software to make sure everything is being correctly recorded. Even in operations with multiple brands of precision displays SMS users are able to import their data.


After planting season is complete and all my data has been imported into SMS, I begin creating reports that include the important insurance details such as acres, dates and crops planted. See the Printing Reports & Summary Information tutorial video for more information on this process.


Also, with SMS I can export my planting information directly to my crop insurance provider.* Then my insurance provider can import this data directly into their reporting system**, often times leading to more streamlined process with pre-populated insurance reports.  See the Export Acreage Data to Insurance tutorial video for more information on this process.

*Contact the software support team to unlock this free tool, or 515-232-5363.

**Contact your insurance provider for specific details and requirements.