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SMS Basic/Advanced v10.0 and SMS Mobile v4.0 – What’s in it for me?

by Apr 26, 2010SMS™ Software

Coming soon, Ag Leader will release of our latest versions of desktop and mobile software:  SMS™ Basic and SMS™ Advanced Version 10.0 (v10.0) and SMS™ Mobile Version 4.0 (v4.0).  I’m sure you are asking yourself, what’s in it for me?  Why should I upgrade from the version I’m running?  Well, I’m confident there are a number of reasons for you to give the new release a try.  I’ll touch on a few of them below. To give you some insight, when planning a new version of the software we listen very closely to new features, changes or improvements you ask for.  We also watch what is going on in the ag marketplace and try to predict what might be needed next in your operation or what hot new system we need to be supporting.  I’m happy to say, v10.0 and v4.0 address all of these items in one way or another. Ease of use is always one of the main areas we try to touch on in each major release.  Everyone always asks for simpler ways to do things and v10.0 is no exception.  One common question we hear is “how do I find information in SMS that I’m looking for when there are just so many items available to select?” A solution we have implemented is actually a very simple one.  It’s common in most web browsers or newer applications you have on your computer – a search box.  Whether you are trying to filter down data to show in your management tree or find that chemical name that you think you spelled wrong when you logged data in the field, now all you have to do is type in part or all of the word(s) – or even a combination of words.  SMS will filter your available items down to the ones that match what you typed in.  It’s that easy…


We also tried to show some love to all you Advanced users with a major rework to the Analysis Wizard and Equation Based Analysis.  Our goal was to make managing, reviewing, editing and running analysis functions as easy as possible.  Don’t worry, all the work you have already done in analysis will transfer over, just with a different look and feel.  Equation writing is now even easier and more visual.  We have added some really powerful tools to help you build more complex equations, multiple product outputs and we even improved the speed of processing equations – up to 50 times faster in some cases.

Equation Writer in SMS Advanced v10.0

For SMS Mobile v4.0 we have added some new sensors that you can log data from in real-time.  There is an increasing interest in the ag market for crop sensors and now we can support data logging from the Greenseeker and Crop Circle sensors. I was only able to touch on a few specific areas in this post but there is much, much more that has been added or changed.  As usual, those in our Maintenance Program will receive a CD in the mail, or you will be able to download the software update here.