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SMS Basic/Advanced v10.5 and SMS Mobile v4.5 released!

by Oct 4, 2010SMS™ Software

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The fall release of SMS software – SMS Basic/Advanced Version 10.5 and SMS Mobile Version 4.5 – is here!

Before updating your SMS Basic/Advanced software, please remember to make a backup of your software by going to the Services menu and selecting Backup.  After creating the backup, I recommend burning it to a CD/DVD or copying to an external media device, such as an external hard drive or USB stick.

Check for updates
You will be able to use our new automated updater to get the new version of SMS if you:

  • have registered online in the past using your username and password,
  • are current in our Maintenance Program,
  • have SMS Basic/Advanced Version 10.0X installed, and
  • have an Internet connection.

The automatic updater will run every 30 days (from the date you installed the software) when you open SMS.  If you would like to update sooner, you may manually run the automatic updater by going to the Help menu and selecting Check for Updates… SMS will then connect to the internet and download the files necessary to update your computer.  For this update, the file will be less than 40 MB in size.

SMS Mobile PC
With the release of SMS Mobile v4.5, we are now offering”>SMS Mobile PC, our new installation option to install SMS Mobile on a Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 device.  Customers looking to move their SMS Mobile license over from their handheld device to a device running a Windows PC operating system should contact our support team at 515-232-5363 ext. 1.

To download a copy of the installation files or see a complete list of new features in our Release Notes, please visit our customer support page by clicking on the links below:

SMS Basic/SMS Advanced

SMS Mobile

If you need help installing this new update or have forgotten your username and password to unlock your SMS software, please call our support team at 515-232-5363 ext. 1 or email us at