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SMS Basic/Advanced v10.5, SMS Mobile v4.5 coming soon!

by Sep 22, 2010SMS™ Software

Exciting news! We will be releasing the latest version of SMS Basic, SMS Advanced and SMS Mobile soon.  As you may have already read, the SMS Mobile release will include the added ability to install SMS Mobile on devices with a desktop operating system such as tablets, netbooks or ruggedized laptops.  (For more info, click here). One of the improvements you will notice in the next release is the ease of printing.  For the desktop products you will have an additional screen which gives you quick access to all the printing options.

Desktop Print Options

SMS Mobile (regardless of the installation option) also has the ability to print.  Using the PC version, you can send information directly to a printer, image file or a PDF.  For SMS Mobile that is used on a PDA device, you will have the ability to send information to an image format which can then be printed.  Here's an example:  Mobile soil sample printing – PC Version. Look for a more detailed explanation to come in a future post. To help ensure you can stay on the latest version of software, we have built into SMS a TrueUpdate feature. After we release the next version of SMS Basic and Advanced you can proceed to HelpCheck for Updates (see below) and it will load version 10.5 to your computer. Use this method for a quick and convenient way to stay up-to-date.

New update feature in SMS Basic/SMS Advanced. Click to enlarge.