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SMS Basic/Advanced v11.6 has been released!

by Feb 9, 2012SMS™ Software

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We are excited to announce the release of SMS Basic/Advanced Version 11.6.  This update includes the ability to work with the new Version 3.0 firmware available from your Ag Leader dealer for the Ag Leader® Integra and the new Versa displays, which includes the ability to read the new *.AGDATA log files and read/export the new *.AGSETUP file format.  As Ag Leader continues to strive to make things easier for our customers, Version 3.0 of the Ag Leader Integra and Versa displays has reduced the display files to two formats.  *.AGDATA files will replace the *.ILF format and the *.AGSETUP files will replace the *.MSF, *.PAT, *.IRX, and *.IBY formats.  As in the past, SMS will continue to support all legacy formats for our displays for users that are running an InSight and Edge display or are running the Ag Leader Integra firmware prior to the v3.0 firmware. If you are running SMS Basic/Advanced v11.5 you can update by going to the Help menu, and clicking “Check for Updates”.  For more information on how “Check for Updates” works, click here.  Customers that are current in our Desktop Software Yearly Maintenance Program and are running SMS Basic/Advanced v10.0 though v11.0, will have to run the Check for Updates tool multiple times until they get to v11.6.  Since v11.6 is considered a patch release, all users, including those expired in our Desktop Software Yearly Maintenance Program or those running a trial version, will be able to update from v11.5 to v11.6.  I strongly encourage users that are planning on updating to v12.0 this spring that they do this update now as it is a required version between v11.5 and v12.0. If you would like to see the release notes or would like to download a demo version, click here. Note to SMS Mobile users:  SMS Mobile v5.5 is still the current version of SMS Mobile and it will be able to sync with SMS Basic/Advanced v11.6.