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SMS Does it Again: Presenting the New Plot Prescription Module!

by Jan 15, 2013SMS™ Software

Ag Leader is excited to announce a new optional module for SMS Advanced softwarethe plot prescription module! This module gives users the ability to strategically define in-field research plots in the office and then export them for planting in the field. Having the ability to create plots utilizing all of your available data in SMS Advanced, including grain harvest, elevation, soil survey and more, provides a greater awareness of the in-field variances that may affect a crops yield.

Once setup, plot prescriptions can be exported to the Almaco SP 360 display or shared as a shapefile or KML/KMZ. Please watch the video below to learn more about the new plot prescription module for SMS Advanced. Also, those attending the annual NAICC meeting in Jacksonville FL please join us during the Emerging Technology session and stop by our booth to learn more about the plot prescription tool and SMS software!