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SMS Post-harvest Functions

by Dec 14, 2016SMS™ Software

Now that the crops are out of the field and snow is falling, it’s a great time to look over the data, fix any issues and also print off maps. Below are a few tips that will help you with post-harvest calibrating and printing off maps.

Sometimes the equipment being used doesn’t always get calibrated the way we want it to which causes the yield to be incorrect. Luckily, SMS Basic and Advanced has a tool to post calibrate the yield. Here is a tutorial that will walk through scaling the data so that you can show the correct yield values. We also have an article about scaling data on our knowledgebase here

After you have the yield data the way you want it you can now print off the maps. There are multiple print layouts that are already created in SMS for you, but you can also customize your own print layout. Follow along with the tutorial below that will walk through how to print the map layers. We also have a knowledgebase article on the matter here

If you have SMS Advanced there is a powerful tool called Booklet Printing that can make printing simple. This tool allows you to create a booklet that will combine your print layouts for your maps, charts, reports, analysis results, a table of contents and a custom cover page. Watch the video below that will show you how to use Booklet Printing.

If you run into any questions through any of these steps, feel free to contact the SMS Software Support team and we will be happy to answer them.