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SMS Summer Training Schedule Announced!

by May 21, 2013SMS™ Software, Training & Support

Now that the seed is in the ground we can start working on making sure it reaches its full yield potential  by scouting our fields, planning fertilizer and chemical applications and hoping for that perfectly timed rainfall.

Often times we wait until the end of the growing season to start using the data we’ve collected during planting, scouting and spraying, but why wait?  With the help of your SMS Desktop and SMS Mobile Software you can use the data you’ve already collected to not only make these summer tasks easier, but also help you to prepare for the next season. 

Time to scout your fields?  You can send your planting maps from the SMS Desktop Software to the SMS Mobile Software so that all of your population and hybrid maps are available to you while scouting.  Need to take care of some weeds?  Build your spraying recommendations in the SMS Desktop Software and send them to your display.  Ready for harvest?  No problem, export your planting maps from the SMS Desktop Software to your yield monitor so you can do automatic variety tracking and region changing. 

Not sure how to do any of these tasks?  Join us for a training session this summer and learn how to use the data you’ve been collecting to make better management decisions and prep for the next part of the crop season.  We’ve got several types of trainings available to you, and one is sure to fit your busy schedule.  Click here to learn more about the training sessions we’ve got planned for this summer.