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New Features Available in SMS v22.5

Aug 19, 2022Ag Leader, SMS™ Software

SMS Release Highlights

Purchasing and Renewing Your SMS License is Now Convenient and Fast Online 

AgFinti and SMS work together to bring you the best of both worlds – the power of SMS Software combined with the convenience to take your maps with you wherever you go with AgFiniti. Now you can manage your SMS and AgFiniti licenses online anytime*.
*Currently offered for US and Canada customers only.

How to Purchase Online:

  1. Create an account at
  2. If you are an existing SMS or AgFiniti user, login with your username and password at
  3. Under the user menu – Licenses, you can select the license for purchase and select Buy.
  4. Checkout and enter payment information.
  5. Renew existing licenses using the same steps, following you will be enrolled in autorenewal unless specified.

    New Feature Highlights

    Divide Layers By Pivot

    A new tool that will assist in dividing layers and add an attribute to help with Pivot Management for Management Zones, Prescriptions, or Sampling. 

    Time Saver For Saving Log Files

    Sending log files to others like a trusted advisor used to take several steps, we’ve shortened this process now by adding a Log Files tab on the Summary Page.

    Profile For Lines Beyond Tile Lines

    Measure the length and grade throughout the line, as well as selected portions of the line. In hilly fields, this tool can be used to ensure that a planned path isn’t going through a steep stretch that will cause unwanted erosion. In flat fields using flood irrigation, this tool can be used as a check that there is contstant grade from end-to-end.

    Additional Updates

    Additional New Tools:

    • Reorder objects 
    • Save Comparison ranges 
    • Split polygons tool

    New File Formats:

    • Case IH Pro1200 / New Holland Intelliview12 import and export
    • Support for Raven Viper 4 file import (*.JDP)