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Pre-season maintenance: greasing bearings, replacing wear items and… software upgrades?

by Mar 16, 2021AgFiniti®, Blog, SMS™ Software

As spring field work approaches, the clanking of wrenches, gurgle of oil cans and crackle of welders can be heard from farm shops around the world. This buzz of activity is all in the name of preparation for the most important job of the year: planting. This year, as you check the boxes on your spring maintenance checklist, don’t forget to add a box for another important preparatory item: software upgrades and subscription renewals. 

So, what’s the big deal?  

Ag Leader works hard all year to bring you innovative solutions to everyday farm challenges. A few times a year, we provide software upgrades for your InCommand displays, AgFiniti apps and SMS Software. The most recent upgrades (InCommand v6.2AgFiniti Mobile v6.0.2SMS v21.0) bring some exciting new features that will help you with both your pre-season maintenance, such as testing your planter performance, as well as and in-field operations like seeing all your maps effortlessly in one place. 

What’s this AgFiniti thing all about?  

AgFiniti is the connectivity platform that integrates with your in-cab displays, desktop software and 3rd party data sources to bring the whole operation together in one place. It’s the trusted, private sanctuary for all the agronomic information you collect on the farm. It’s the enabler that connects your people, machines, and information when you need it most. Simply put, AgFiniti makes your farm more productive, coordinated and profitable. 

How can you optimize the benefits of technology on your farm?  

It all starts with AgFiniti Essentials. This annual subscription unlocks your ability to track real-time location of your machinery and people on the farm. It also brings all your recorded data into an incredibly simple, easily accessible online interface where you can view maps & reports, create and send prescriptions to the field, and share critical information with your trusted advisors no matter where you are. 

Don’t just optimize. Maximize the benefits of technology on your farm. Unlock the full potential of your InCommand 1200 and 800 displays by adding DisplayCast. This one-time unlock unleashes the power of AgFiniti by actively connecting your machinery, people, and information in real-time. Track progress from anywhere with up-to-the-moment live maps and stats on your iPad, via AgFiniti Mobile. Increase your productivity by bringing multiple machines to a single field – where they’ll work together with the same guidance lines, coverage maps and boundaries to ensure the entire job gets done right – in record time. Eliminate downtime by always knowing when and where an operator needs to be refilled, and where the tender is with the supplies. 


Does this sound like the way your farm should run in 2021?  

Here’s what to do: 

  1. Make sure your displays, apps, and software have the latest updates installed. 
  2. Purchase or renew your AgFiniti Essentials license with your local Ag Leader dealer. Not convinced? Try a FREE 30-day trial. 
  3. Ask your dealer to unlock DisplayCast on your InCommand displays. Not convinced? Ask for a FREE 3-day trial. 
  4. Tag @AgLeaderTech to let us know how #AgFiniti will #ChangeTheWayYouFarm 

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