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Steer smoothly this harvest season with SteadySteer®

by Jul 21, 2023Ag Leader, Blog, Displays, Guidance & Steering

Autosteer is addictive. It’s a statement heard across agriculture as more farmers invest in a technology that not only improves pass-to-pass accuracy but also reduces operator fatigue.

“It takes the human error out of the equation in a way that has a lot of major benefits for farmers in the field,” says John Fulton, a professor at Ohio State University.

It’s also a technology that is being integrated into every operation including harvest. Adding SteadySteer® to your combine this fall is an economical way to add assisted steering without hooking into hydraulics. Controlled by either the InCommand® 1200, InCommand 800, or InCommand 800G display, SteadySteer is compatible with any color combine.


What you can expect from SteadySteer

  • Complete system. Controlled by Ag Leader’s year-round InCommand displays, take control of steering, planting, application, harvest and more through one interface.
  • WAAS to RTK ready. SteadySteer paired with a GPS receiver delivers pass-to-pass accuracy to any operation. Save money by using the system with the receiver and corrections you already own and use.
  • Fits to most vehicles. There are thirteen possible motor orientation options and a detachable motor for easy installation on hundreds of agricultural vehicles. 
  • Fast line acquisition. Quickly acquire and maintain the line even in tough terrain.
  • Easy installation. SteadySteer easily installs on the machine’s steering column.
  • Portability. It is easy to move between machines in 10 to 15 minutes or less. One SteadySteer can steer a tractor in the spring, sprayer in the summer, and combine at harvest, maximizing your investment.
  • Powerful. The high-torque motor and gear teeth design delivers power for the most demanding operations with less wear. 
  • Calibration and tuning. Step-by-step calibration and easy tuning are on the run screen of the InCommand display.

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