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Struggle with Crop Insurance Reporting? Let SMS help!

by Oct 10, 2014Ag Leader, SMS™ Software

Looking for more ways to utilize your precision grain harvest data? Have you ever thought about using it for crop insurance purposes?

Adam Krultz, Marketing Field Representative from Rain and Hail L.L.C. says “Per the Risk Management Agency’s (RMA) Loss Adjustment Manual (LAM), producers who utilized their precision farming planting monitor data to report acreage can use their precision farming harvest data for production reporting. The producers must calibrate their yield monitors to manufacture specifications and be able to provide a calibration report and documentation. By utilizing this data for crop insurance purposes we are able to streamline acreage reporting, work claims accurately and quickly based on the GPS data, and make the agent and producer more efficient at both acreage reporting and production reporting time.”

SMS software has the ability to import data from most precision ag displays on today’s market. Meaning no matter what color of equipment you run during the fall your yield data can be imported into SMS and used to assist with harvest reporting. Check out the video below to learn about importing harvest data into SMS.

Once imported into SMS your data may be uploaded to your insurance provider via SMS’s Insurance Export Tool. Reporting purposes and/or production reports can be generated to assist with the production reporting process. 

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*Note: Contact your insurance provider for specific details and requirements.