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SureDrive Installs on your planter, your meter

by Mar 20, 2018SeedCommand®

Most people want to see equipment before they buy to be sure it will work for their needs and to ensure the design is intelligent, sensible. It has been a common request for us to feature images of SureDrive installed on various row units and hoppers. So, here are pictures of the most popular row units SureDrive fits on. Enjoy!

John Deere

ME2/XP unit
ME2/XP unit
XP Pro unit
vSet Classic unit
ME5 unit
1200 series unit
3000 finger meter box unit
3000 finger meter mini unit
3000 interplant unit
3000 EdgeVac unit
4000 standard unit
4000 interplant unit
6000 series unit
8000 series box unit
8000 series mini unit
9000 series box unit
9000 series 3-bushel box unit
This isn’t a comprehensive list, so if you want to see a specific make/model, leave it in the comments and we’ll see if we can help you out! Or, refer to our SeedCommand install instructions.