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Tech Support Tips for Post-Harvest Application

by Nov 5, 2010Training & Support

As harvest season comes to an end, many growers are ready to move into fall application of fertilizer and anhydrous. Your precision ag equipment plays an important role in fall application, and making sure you have everything prepared can help make your fall application go smoothly. Below are a few things to keep in mind as you get ready to start your fall application.

Check Ag Leader’s website for the latest versions of firmware to update your displays and modules. Firmware versions can operate differently, and having the latest firmware ensures you have any new changes or features. This will also help technicians better understand how your system is operating should you need to call tech support.

Add new Farms, Fields, Operators, Equipment or Products to the display before heading to the field. You can either type this information directly into the display that you will be using, or you can create a Management Setup File (.msf) through your SMS software program. This is a great way to set up multiple displays that will be used within the same farm.  Having this information loaded into the display before you go to the field will save you valuable time.

Load field boundaries into your display before going into the field. This will also save you time and confusion. If you are using an Ag Leader® Integra display, EDGE or InSight, it is strongly encouraged to have field boundaries installed. Field boundaries keep your display “focused” on the area in which you are working, and help avoid “flyer points” that will make your display zoom out so you can no longer see your coverage map.


How to calculate CFR.

Calculate CFR for granular spreader applications. Be sure to calculate your CFR values for spreader applicators. This value should be calculated for each new product that is applied. Once the CFR values have been calculated, they are saved under the product name and bin number. Below is an example of how to calculate CFR (FGO= Feed Gate Opening).

Set up Anhydrous application configurations. DirectCommand Liquid Configurations for anhydrous applications should be setup according to your applicator. Single and multiple valve setups require different values for some of the Controller Settings. Refer to your application checklist to ensure that settings are correct before heading to the field.

prescription map

Create prescription files. Prescription files are also a good way to save time when headed to the field. By setting up prescription files before you go to the field, you can ensure that the desired application rate is achieved, no matter who is operating the machine. SMS software is a great way to create prescription files for both DirectCommand Liquid & Granular applications.

Your time is valuable as you work to complete your fall application. By following these tips, you can not only save time, but also save yourself a call to your dealer or Tech Support by preventing common errors. Good luck with your fall application!