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Technology to Promote Visibility and Safety During Harvest

Sep 22, 2021Ag Leader, AgFiniti®, Featured

 As harvest begins to pick up all over the country, we here at Ag Leader want to do our part to turn an often-stressful season into a safe and successful one. Below are some general things to keep in mind as you’re working through this harvest season.

Know When and Where to Go with AgFiniti:
Use AgFiniti to sync all displays and devices across all members of the team and vehicles with live information of field progress, vehicle locations, and key statistics. A live reading of the combine grain tank is visible to the connected devices in the grain cart making it simple to know when and where to meet the combine with the grain cart to unload. This feature maximizes efficiency while also reducing unnecessary field travel.

Be Confident Using CartACE:
CartACE utilizes existing equipment and technology on machines within your operation to aid in operator confidence. When the grain cart approaches to unload, the InCommand display in the cab automatically generates a guidance line right alongside the combine. The operator then presses the button to engage autosteer, focusing their attention on unloading on-the-go.

Always be in-the-know with InCommand’s camera view:
A camera that looks at your blind spots! InCommand’s camera view provides additional visibility to your blind spots. Use this feature in the field to avoid collision with other equipment.  Before you drive to the field, turn on InCommand’s camera view for extra visibility of blindspots.

Make  Sure You’re Well-Rested:
Farmers are putting in long hours during harvest season and that often means sleep is one of the first things to go by the wayside. If you’re feeling fatigued and can’t switch with another operator, take a few moments to get some fresh air outside of the cab.

Get Out Those Equipment Manuals:
It’s easy to come back into this harvest season and do the job you have been doing for years but now is a great time to go through those equipment manuals you keep tucked away. Oh, and make sure to share them with any new operators. Taking a few minutes each morning could mean a world of difference for new workers on the farm.

Proper Clothing Is Key:
Loose fitting clothes and jewelry can act as a catalyst for tragedy in scenarios where there are large moving parts present. Make sure you are wearing the proper clothing if you find yourself needing to replace a guard or shield from machinery. As an extra tip: if a shield does need to be removed, always re-install it immediately after the work has been done. 

Taking the time to understand your equipment and make sure you’re well prepared for long days in the field are key to staying safe during harvest season. 

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