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This Valentine’s day we love: Working at Ag Leader!

by Feb 13, 2019Ag Leader

Valentine’s Day is a time for reflection on people and things we’re happy for in our lives, to be intentional about the things we appreciate. One thing Ag Leader employees appreciate is their work environment, just read what our employers are saying!

I love working here – having the great co-workers, employee benefits, and working on great products to serve our customer needs. – Chad Gibbons, Production Assembler – Cables Department

I love the people I work with. It’s a family atmosphere that creates innovative products. – Sarah Spotts, Accounts Payable Coordinator

There is a culture of improvement at Ag Leader, and everyone is constantly asking what can we do to improve and what could we have done differently. I enjoy being an active participant in the growth of a company. – Arrend Mund, Development Lead, Software Engineering

Without a doubt, the people and the culture. Ag Leader has always been like an extended family. The freedom to chase new ideas. Being a part of a great team and challenging each other. Traveling to parts of the world that I would not have otherwise. Seeing and understanding different cultures and farming operations. – Bill Cran, Product Management, Guidance and Steering

The company culture is great – it’s a place where employees have the liberty to be creative yet supported. Also, if I can be shallow, having a generous week-long, paid Christmas break is just awesome! – Sam Worley, Marketing Specialist

Ag Leader is a company that was built upon a foundation of people who care about those they serve. Ag Leader has continued to expand by seeking out more people with the same morals and work ethic. I am thankful to be working with a group of people who care about the quality and value of the products they produce. At Ag Leader, everyone has the same goal; which makes working together as a team much more effective. Quality and value is an everyday occurrence, and I enjoy being part of the team that constantly delivers that. – Brett Buehler – Product Management, SeedCommand®

I like the fact that it is still a private company and that there is a family vibe about it, despite the fact I am working from home 5000 miles away from Ames! I also like the fact that it has allowed me to visit several places in the world that I may never have otherwise gone to. – Paul Rose, European and South African Territory Manager

The people here at Ag Leader are great. We are more like an extended family than just a group of co-workers. – Tyler Anderson, Support Specialist, Technical Support

How each member of our team has skills and abilities that complement the other members. This is most evident at a big event like our dealer summit. – Ryan Oehler, Eastern Corn Belt Territory Manager

I love how our company operates like family. I do not feel like my job is a job, I love to do what I get paid to do – not many people can say that! – Melissa Povah, Sales Coordinator, North America

Wish you worked at such an awesome place? If so, check out our open positions here.