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Time to dig out the inkjet – AgFiniti Mobile adds printing!

by Aug 23, 2016AgFiniti®

So you’re meeting with your landlord today; you plan on bringing your iPad with AgFiniti Mobile so you can show how your field performed this year. But there’s one problem… your landlord wants a hard copy for their records. Now what…?

Update your AgFiniti Mobile app! With the latest updates to AgFiniti Mobile, you can now print your maps, stats and reports, right from the app! Print any map on your iPad and even include the notes you made during the season! And don’t forget about summary reports, printing those is just as easy!

Printing from the AgFiniti Mobile app is quick and easy. Simply pressing on the printer button will bring you right to the print layout. Pressing “Print/Save” in the upper right hand corner will let you send your maps right to the printer!

Check out our webpage to learn how AgFiniti can help your operation! Want to learn more about AgFiniti? Check us out on YouTube and learn things like how to navigate AgFiniti Mobile, How to create an AgFiniti account, and more!