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Tips for a Safe and Productive Harvest

by Sep 23, 2020Displays, Featured

As harvest begins all over the country, we, at Ag Leader, want to do our part to turn an often stressful season into a safe and successful one. Below are some tips to keep in mind as you’re working throughout the harvest season.


Visibility from the Field

A major reason harvest is a peak time for farm injuries is because farmers are putting in long hours. In order to help your entire team, operate safely and productively working dawn until dusk, InCommand and AgFiniti offer some helpful new features:

  • Everyone is in the know – Sync all displays and devices across all members of the team and vehicles with live information of field progress, vehicle locations, and key statistics. Track the combine’s progress with a live map on what’s been harvested from anywhere, allowing you to know when and where to show up with the semi to get grain to the bins or elevator as quickly as possible.
  • Know where to be – Avoid senseless trips to a field or showing up with the semi in the wrong location.
  • Know when to be – Remove the guessing of when the combine needs unloaded with a live reading of the combine grain tank visible to the connected devices in the grain cart and other vehicles. You will know exactly when and where to meet the combine with the grain cart to unload.
Track combine’s progress with a live map of harvested portion of the field from the display in the grain cart and on iPad from anywhere.

Trade Places

CartACE was designed to take the stress out of the grain cart operators’ job of unloading on the go – now anyone can fill this critical role. Switching operators can make a world of difference, but if that isn’t possible at the very least jump out of the cab and get some cool, fresh air!

Visibility Traveling to the Field

Always be aware of your surroundings and who may be in your work area. This year as more children are participating in remote learning, it is critical to do an equipment walkaround before starting up any machinery. Even before you drive to the field, turn on InCommand’s camera view for extra visibility of blindspots while on the road with large machinery.  We hope these tips help you have a safe and productive 2020 harvest season!