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Tips for winterizing your Ag Leader equipment

by Oct 30, 2023Ag Leader, Blog, Displays

As harvest and fall applications wind down, it’s time to start thinking about storing equipment for the winter. Besides parking the tractor and combine, you should also ensure your precision ag technology is put away during the winter months. Below are several tips to protect and prolong the life of your Ag Leader products.


Because dust tends to accumulate on the display, the first step you should take is cleaning the touchscreen. Ag Leader recommends cleaning the screen by blowing it off using compressed air. You can also use an electronic cleaner and a soft, non-abrasive cloth to wipe down the screen. Remember: If using a cleaner, spray the cloth first then wipe off the display.

Finally, remove the display from machinery, and store it at room temperature like inside the house, in a dry, dust-free area. Because it will keep unwanted moisture from causing damage to the display, we also recommend placing it in a large, airtight bag or plastic container before storing.

Modules and cabling

Before putting implements away for the winter, do a quick inspection on the modules and cabling. Check cable and module connections for corrosion or rust and apply dielectric grease to connectors to prevent corrosion. When looking over cables, check for any pinched wires or damaged cabling.

Yield monitoring systems

For yield monitor users, there are a couple items that need attention to help prevent issues next fall. First, it is important to clean out the elevator mount unit (EMU), so wet grain is not sitting in the EMU. There are two pins at the bottom of the EMU that hold the retaining block in place. Once those are removed, the block will come out and any excess grain will fall out.

The grain flow sensor should also be packed away in a sealed container for the winter. Located on top of the clean grain elevator, the sensor has a soft potting material on the load cell. Mice like to chew on this potting, which could cause costly damage to the flow sensor and affect yield monitor performance.

Dedicating a few minutes to these simple tasks will go a long way in protecting and prolonging the life of your precision ag equipment.

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