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To Change or Not to Change: That is the Question

by Jun 2, 2011Ag Leader

When I joined Ag Leader, I became two things I’d never been before: involved in the equipment side of agriculture and a commuter. I live in Des Moines and drive to Ames Monday through Friday—a seventy-mile commute round-trip in my Toyota Prius. With gas prices at an all time high, I’m very glad I made the decision to buy a hybrid five years ago. But, the miles are starting to build up.

If I trade in my car now before the miles get too high, I should be able to get a decent price on trade-in. Or, I could drive it into the ground and avoid having a car payment. What to do, what to do?

Consider the Benefits You may be asking yourself the same question about whether or not to upgrade your current precision farming equipment. What you have currently is probably working well and likely paid for. But…could it be better? Could you be taking advantage of greater features and functionality? Could you be realizing greater input efficiency and a faster return on investment? These are all things to ask yourself as you consider making a change to your existing operation.


The place to start is to review the advantages of making the change. For example, if you currently have an InSight™/Autopilot™ or AutoFarm® A5 system and you decide to upgrade to the Ag Leader® Integra display/ParaDyme® system, you will benefit from greater functionality including remote diagnostics, Virtual Terminal, higher accuracy and easier transfer ability. Would these features bring greater profit potential to your operation? If so, then upgrading may be in your best interest.

Get the Best Deal If you are even considering making a change, it’s a good idea to look into special offers the company may be offering on the equipment you want. For example, several months ago I received a letter from Toyota saying they had a limited number of 2010 Prius’s available and discounted significantly since the 2011’s were soon to be released. And I’m kicking myself now for not following up on that letter because maybe the deal would have got me into a newer vehicle at a much lower price than the 2011’s.

But, I didn’t act on the offer. I certainly wouldn’t want the same thing to happen to you if upgrading to an Ag Leader Integra display/ParaDyme is even a consideration for the future. Right now when you upgrade, you can receive up to $8,000 in discounts including a free RTK unlock from Ag Leader. Of course, you’ll want to discuss this special with your trusted, local Ag Leader Dealer. Your dealer can ensure you are getting the best possible upgrade opportunity before the August 31, 2011 deadline. So whether you opt to upgrade your current precision equipment or stick with what you have, Ag Leader appreciates your consideration.

I’m still not sure what I’ll do about trading in my car, but one thing is for sure—before I do, I’ll be sure to consider all the benefits and offers available and make the most informed decision.