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Training Customers, Dealers, and Insurance Agents?

by Nov 18, 2014Ag Leader, SMS™ Software, Training & Support

With fall coming to a close and the harvest season wrapping up, Ag Leader growers are cleaning their equipment and gathering their data. Organizing, analyzing, and making informed management decisions with the data they collected from this last growing season are all priorities when wrapping up the season. Another job that may be on the to-do list is to meet with their insurance agent and export data for this season’s acreage and production reporting.

This fall the training team and members of the software sales team have been busy in the Ag Leader Academy hosting trainings for insurance agents. Ag Leader’s SMS™ software has the unique ability to export data for insurance acreage and production reporting. SMS is virtually color blind meaning it’s capable of reading data from most brands of precision agricultural equipment, making it an ideal solution for insurance agents working with a wide range of customers. 

This summer, our training team educated insurance agents on how to handle the data given to them by a grower or policyholder, and how SMS can assist with crop insurance reporting. In addition to SMS, the insurance agents were exposed to a wide variety of Ag Leader’s precision technology products. From GPS and steering to harvest and display button presses, the agents were exposed to the latest precision ag equipment, giving them a better understanding of what their policyholders are using in their farming operations and leading to more streamlined insurance reporting process for everyone.