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Ag Leader helps perfect the turn with TurnPath™

by Jul 19, 2023Ag Leader, Blog, Displays, Featured, Guidance & Steering

Ames, Iowa – July 19, 2023. Most farmers have experienced it. . . you reach the end of the pass and must disengage autosteer to make the turn and line up the next pass correctly. To maximize an operator’s turning accuracy and efficiency, Ag Leader is introducing TurnPath, hands-free steering for automatic, repeatable end-of-row turns. 

“You need multiple sets of hands to carry out all the actions necessary when turning at the headland, which can be stressful,” says Mans Vossebeld, Ag Leader Product Specialist. “Ag Leader’s SteadySteer and SteerCommand Z2 drive your field accurately from start to finish. By adding automatic and precise turning at the end of the field, we take the guesswork out of it, so a farmer has more capacity to focus on other tasks.”

TurnPath built on three pillars

Like other products in the Ag Leader portfolio, ease of use, flexibility, and trust were at the forefront of TurnPath development. 

“From the very beginning, our goal was to do what Ag Leader does best – create a high-quality product that works seamlessly across your entire fleet,” Vossebeld says. “Trust is a key characteristic of a steering system, and it must perform consistently. TurnPath has been tested in a wide array of farming practices across four continents, so you can trust that it just works.”

He adds that it is clear TurnPath is making an impression on how farmers steer their equipment.

“After running this feature, they don’t want to steer without it,” Vossebeld says.

TurnPath will be available for SteadySteer or SteerCommand Z2 in November 2023.

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