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Let CartACE® help you unload right on time this harvest

by Aug 9, 2023Displays, Featured

In the thick of harvest, it is hard to find the patience or time to deal with hang ups and delays. As a grain cart or combine operator, you have probably found yourself:   

  • in the wrong part of the field; 
  • waiting on the grain cart, stopped with a full tank; or
  • nearly colliding with the tractor that’s pulling up too close to unload.

With CartACE®, you can improve your operation’s efficiency, so these issues won’t happen this harvest!  

Unload confidently. . . on-the-go   

CartACE automates the unloading process, so you can worry less about who you have behind the wheel. It’s as simple as pushing a button! When the grain cart approaches to unload, the InCommand display in the cab automatically generates a guidance line right alongside the combine. The operator will then press the button to engage autosteer, focusing his attention on unloading.   

Be right on time, every time 

CartACE helps you minimize delays and increase connectivity between the combine and grain cart.  

You can keep your operation moving with CartACE’s time-optimizing features, like live maps of harvest progress and the combine grain tank counter. The clear visuals of the live maps of harvest progress and machine locations make it easy to navigate the field and know the quickest route to and from the combine. When the grain cart operator takes cues from maps and the grain tank counter, they can pull up – right on time – to unload the combine. By knowing the location of the grain cart, the combine driver can also optimize time by harvesting shorter, more time-consuming sections when he sees the grain cart is far behind.   

The grain tank counter is another essential feature that informs the grain cart of how soon the combine will need to unload. With one glance at a screen, the grain cart driver can see how many bushels are in the combine tank.  


graphic of the harvest tool

Save money and time 

Thanks to CartACE, no matter his skill level, the grain cart driver can make better decisions about when and where to meet the combine. The end result is fewer delays and increased harvest efficiency. . . both of which save you time and money.



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