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Updates Bring Exciting New Features to the GPS 2500B Base Station!

by Apr 1, 2014Ag Leader, Guidance & Steering

When Ag Leader introduced the GPS 2500B base station it was excellent in field operations involving the GPS 2500, like tiling or OnTrac2+ systems. Ag Leader dealers and growers wanted the success of the GPS 2500B to use in field operations with the ParaDyme or GeoSteer because they were interested in using GLONASS or the Quick Survey feature. However, GeoSteer and ParaDyme used a different brand of radio than 2500B. Unfortunately, it is impossible for two brands of radio to communicate. It’s like the base station is trying to talk to the rover in a language the rover doesn't understand. In the RTK radio world, the base and rover radio need to match to communicate. That is why Ag Leader is proud to announce GPS 2500B updates that allow external radios to match your operation.


When using the Ag Leader 2500B there are now options to use external 900 MHz Freewave, 450 MHz Satel, or the original internal MicroHard. Customers can now run an Ag Leader 2500B base station to match their rover radio no matter if it’s a ParaDyme, GeoSteer, or a GPS 2500! The base has two ports on the bottom that can broadcast to external radios. The ports are A & B and they are preprogrammed (if purchased through Ag Leader) for baud rate, frequency/channel, and data output format (which can be changed through interface on base). The items that are configurable through Port A and Port B are, things such and baud rate and a radio communication portocal (RTCM3 and CMR+). Note: If you desire to change a channel on the external radios, AFLink Lite must be downloaded on a computer (available on and configured with External Radio Programming Cable Kit part # 4002136.

There is also a GPS 2500B base station option that contains no radio (Part #4100949). Why would we offer a base with no radios? It's for those who haven’t decided what radio to use. It also leaves the option to choose another brand of rover radio that is not FreeWave, Satel, or MicroHard. The GPS 2500B without the radio can be the first step to choosing the setup that is right for your operation. Use the table below to match RTK receiver radios with the base station radios Ag Leader offers.