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Value of Data – Learning from 2014 to better 2015

by Nov 20, 2014Ag Leader, Value of Data

As you begin wrapping up the year and looking forward to 2015, have you asked yourself, what did I learn from 2014? How can I use what I learned to increase my profitability in 2015? What caught your eye on a yield map? Did you notice a correlation to yield from varied fertilizer rates? When comparing yield maps from year to year, do you notice consistent yield trends? You’ve probably noted many things throughout the year, but the big question is, what are you going to do about it?

The solution: solve the question(s) that have the biggest return to the operation first. This may mean leaving some questions unanswered for next year. Avoid trying to solve all observations at once. You’ll risk becoming overwhelmed and may become counterproductive trying to solve it all and ultimately not solving anything.

This summer I had the opportunity to listen to John McGillicuddy speak at a few Ag Leader Road Tour events on “Helping you be your own best Agronomist.” John’s advice for the audience was to figure out where you lost your last 20 bushels. If you can do that you’ll have an instant boost to your profitability for the following year.

Go after the low hanging fruit first, the biggest/simplest observations to solve, they’ll translate into the fastest ROI for your operation. For example, that could mean making better hybrid selection and placements, fixing drainage needs, adjusting fertilizer rates and methods, changing planting speed, tailored planting rates for your field and hybrids unique yield potential, or adapting a different tillage practice.

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