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We Are Ag Leader – Adam Gittins

by Mar 9, 2018Ag Leader, Ag Leader News

Our dedicated dealer network is the backbone of our company. Take a second to meet some of the local precision experts across the country, and around the world. 

What is your name, position, dealership & location: Adam Gittins, General Manager at HTS Ag. Our headquarters are in Harlan, Iowa, with staff across the state of Iowa.

How long have you been selling Ag Leader products? I started working with Ag Leader products when I worked in Tech Support for Ag Leader in 2001. I quickly saw the economic value of technology on the farm, and served in a sales capacity for Ag Leader, working trade shows, customer trainings, and other events. I moved to southwest Iowa and started working for HTS Ag in 2005. This year makes 17 years I have been selling and working with Ag Leader products.

What’s your favorite thing about selling precision ag products? Our team enjoys knowing that correctly positioning products in a farmer’s operation can make a significant impact on their profitability. We believe that helping our customers and providing excellent service are the keys to our success.

What do you enjoy about working with Ag Leader? Ag Leader has always provided innovative products that are well tested. Having a good product backed up by good support helps us have confidence to know that our customers will have a good experience.

In five years, the new, hot precision ag product on the market will be…. I believe we will see many forms of automation catch on in the next five years. Self-driving tractors, smart robots for specific tasks, and drones will do things we haven’t even thought of yet.

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