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We are Ag Leader – Brett Buehler

by Jul 14, 2017Ag Leader

In honor of Ag Leader’s 25th anniversary, we will spend some time focusing on an essential part of our success… our employees!

Name: Brett Buehler
Title: SeedCommand Product Specialist
Hometown: Lake View, IA

How long have you been employed by Ag Leader? 6 years

What are the different positions you have held at Ag Leader?

  • GPS/Guidance Support – 1 year
  • SeedCommand Product Specialist – 5 years

How have you seen Ag Leader and precision ag as a whole change during your time here? Precision Ag has become a staple in today’s operations. The majority of new agricultural equipment coming off the production line has some level of precision ag technology built in. Integration with these technologies is quickly becoming the name of the game for anyone involved with producing precision agriculture products, as Ag Leader does. The shear amount and variety of precision ag controls and data collection may seem overwhelming, and to many, it is. This data can be used to make valuable decisions, and with today’s narrow margins in agriculture, making the right decisions can mean the difference between feast and famine. Ag Leader has always led the market in ease of use, and with the precision ag environment growing as rapidly as it is today, the need for an easy to use system to help collect, organize, and drive valuable decisions is becoming increasingly important.

What is your favorite thing about working here? Ag Leader is a company that was built upon a foundation of people who care about those they serve. Ag Leader has continued to expand by seeking out more people with the same morals and work ethic. I am thankful to be working with a group of people who care about the quality and value of the products they produce. At Ag Leader, everyone has the same goal; which makes working together as a team much more effective. Quality and value is an everyday occurrence, and I enjoy being part of the team that constantly delivers that.

What do you do in your free time? I spend most of my time tinkering with “things that go”; as my 2-year-old son call them. Mostly old farm equipment, along with some vehicles, and ATVs. My father instilled in me at an early age the desire and knowledge to fix things instead of throwing them away and buying new. I don’t think of myself as a junk collector, but what others view as junk, I see as a challenge to restore value into that item. I spend most of my evenings wrenching on “things that go”. My son has taken to my tools and takes every opportunity he can to help. He hasn’t yet figured out the whole righty-tighty left-loosey part, but he does know how to operate a ratchet and squeeze the trigger on an impact wrench.