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We are Ag Leader – Teresa Beary

by May 4, 2017Ag Leader

In honor of Ag Leader’s 25th anniversary, we will spend some time focusing on an essential part of our success… our employees!

Name: Teresa Beary
Title: Senior Training Specialist
Hometown: Lovilia, IA (currently Nijmegen, Netherlands)

How long have you been employed by Ag Leader? 3.5 years

What are the different positions you have held at Ag Leader? I have worked as part of the Ag Leader Training Team since I started at Ag Leader. Because my focus is on creating online training courses for dealers, I’ve had the opportunity to work remotely—first from Boston, MA and now from the Ag Leader Europe office in the Netherlands.

How have you seen Ag Leader and precision ag as a whole change during your time here?
Even though I grew up in Iowa, I was a town kid and didn’t have much exposure to agriculture until I came to work at Ag Leader. I was drawn to Ag Leader from the technology side and I still find it amazing whenever I consider all of the things that can be done using precision agriculture tools and equipment. From the hardware in the field to the software on your computer or tablet, the whole industry is moving toward making things smarter, faster, and easier to use. I’ve also seen increased adoption of ISOBUS standards in North America, which gives growers even more flexibility in the equipment they choose to use.

What is your favorite thing about working here? 
Ag Leader sells a variety of systems and some are quite complex. My favorite part of my job is to distill down all of that detailed information and present it in a way that gives people that “aha” moment where it all suddenly makes sense. Each Ag Leader system provides so much potential that I really enjoy explaining all of those different benefits.

What do you do in your free time? 
My husband and I explore our new home in the Netherlands and practice our Dutch. You can usually find us barbequing every weekend with friends and relaxing with a movie or games.