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Welcome Alfred Rol as Regional Manager Ag Leader EMEA

by Jan 3, 2017International Perspectives

As per 1 December, 2016, Alfred Rol joins the EMEA team at the Heumen, The Netherlands office, as successor of Hans Stiekema who is to retire 1 March, 2017. From that date Alfred will be responsible for all Ag Leader activities in the EMEA region.

His first activity is attending the 2016 EMEA Sales Meeting in Valencia Spain, from 30 November. In Valencia, the first day, Alfred will be presented and get acquainted with the EMEA distributors.

Alfred Rol started his career in the agricultural consultancy for high value crop, especially flowers. He worked at a rose nursery and at a supplier of electronic controlling equipment in greenhouses.

Later, he jumped from the production side to a more commercial focused side, at the flower auction. Please be aware that the Dutch flower auction is the biggest in the world. Also the export-value of these high value products made little The Netherlands being the second exporter of agricultural goods in the world. For the auction Alfred was responsible for getting the right product with the requested qualities. For this he travelled The Netherlands, Scandinavian countries, Poland and Germany.

Lately, Alfred worked as export manager at the Dutch Dacom BV company. This company operates in offering data and advise all over the world for precise application, moisture control and pest management. Alfred traveled in the EMEA, but also South America and China. Much attention got the Middle East, especially regarding moisture control. This expertise is needed in more countries globally, than countries, territories, where a surplus of water exists.

Alfred Rol reports to the international business manager, Jeff Bentley.
Please welcome Alfred in the Ag Leader team

Hans Stiekema
December 2016