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Welcome to Precision Point!

by Mar 23, 2010Ag Leader

I think Ag Leader's Marketing and International Business Manager (as well as fellow blogger) Dave King said it best in a recent Ag Leader press release:

“The reality is social media is the way people are communicating today.  These platforms allow us not only to inform and educate, but to have a conversation with those interested in precision farming technology.”

The proof is in the pudding, right?  Welcome to Precision Point – Ag Leader's blog for all things precision ag!

Ag Leader Facebook Fan Page

In this first post I want to outline where you can find Ag Leader online and what we will be talking about in Precision Point.  You can follow Ag Leader on Twitter (@agleadertech), become a fan on Facebook or subscribe to our YouTube channel. What will we blog about?

Getting Started: Now what? One of the most popular questions on message boards, at farm shows, call to Ag Leader – how do I get started?  We'll address this and many other popular questions.

Did you know? The folks who provide customer support and guide training efforts will help get you prepared to go to the field and detail popular trouble-shooting info.

Taking the next step. What do I do with all the data I've collected?  How do I manage it and what can it tell me?  Our SMS Software group explains what to do with all the data you've collected.  Their mantra: turning data into useful information.

International Perspective Dave King and Paul Rose will discuss the impacts of precision ag globally, how practices differ, as well as highlight Ag Leader distributors from around the world.

Trends and New Techology Ag Leader's product management team will provide insights into the ever-changing precision ag industry. Come back and visit us often, or for extreme convenience add us to your news feed or aggregator.  Become a fan on Facebook or drop us a line on Twitter.  We look forward to hearing from you.