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What is Pattern Grouping?

by Mar 13, 2014Ag Leader, Guidance & Steering

With the new v5.2 firmware comes a new way to record multiple guidance paths together in a field. This is called “Pattern Grouping”. It works great with Straight AB, Identical Curves, Adaptive Curves, and Pivot patterns.  Now an operator can create a Straight AB line then create curved patterns around obstructions and save them within the same field as a group.

A popular guidance pattern that is widely used is the SmartPath pattern because it is so simple to generate, but SmartPath does have its limitations. For example, if you wanted to use an implement other than what was used to create the original SmartPath, it could not be done. Also, the SmartPath lines could not be exported from one display to another display because of their uniqueness to the display they were created on.

With Pattern Grouping, it is now possible for an operator to create multiple guidance paths; save and export them to another display and use these patterns with different implements, other than what the guidance line was created with.


The image above shows that creating a Straight AB line.


As soon as the B point is pressed, the Pattern is saved automatically. It is saved as time and date but can be named anything. To get to the Group Manager screen touch the AB button on the guidance tab.


Here is a view of the Group manager page showing the AB line that was just created. To add another guidance line to this Group, just touch the “+”, or add, icon.


More guidance patterns have been added. The screen shows what's been added, and the location on screen with the cross hairs.


The cycle button in Pattern Grouping much like the cycle button in SmartPath.  Hitting this cycle button (arrows pointing in a circle) will cycle through the different patterns that have been created in the group and the guidance line will generate to the users current position, as seen in the image below.