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Select the TerraStar signal that meets your farm’s needs

by Mar 6, 2024Blog, Guidance & Steering

Most of today’s farming operations require accurate and reliable real-time positioning to get the job done. For nearly a decade, Ag Leader has offered TerraStar, a satellite-based correction service available in a variety of different accuracy levels and price points, from NovAtel.

Below are three TerraStar signal offerings and their features.  


TerraStar-L is a low-cost, repeatable correction source offering a pass-to-pass improvement over SBAS-WAAS. Good for basic field operations i.e. section control for larger sections or farm management with boundaries. 

Key takeaways

  • Low-cost repeatability (20 in./50 cm.) 
  • Pass-to-pass accuracy (6 in. / 15 cm.)
  • GPS and GLONASS satellites equal better positioning and speed in challenging environments.
  • Cost: $, annual subscription, and unlocked GPS 7000 or GPS 7500 receiver.

TerraStar-C Pro

TerraStar-C Pro provides high value for operations looking for high accuracy without high investment. Great for operations that not only require high accuracy but also pass-to-pass reliability (e.g., planting, spraying, and advanced guidance features). 

Key takeaways

  • High accuracy + repeatability at full convergence (1 in./2.5 cm.) 
  • Quick convergence 
  • Multi-frequency GNSS support including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, and Beidou.
  • Cost: $$, 12-month annual subscription, and unlocked GPS 7000 or GPS 7500 receiver.

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TerraStar-X provides RTK From the Sky™. TerraStar-X is suitable for farmers who expect nothing less than the best for high accuracy field operations such as steering, planting, strip-tilling, application, and more.  

Key takeaways

  • Sub-inch accuracy + repeatability + convenience (<1 in./2.5 cm.) 
  • Instant convergence 
  • Cost: $$$, base station or data plan not required, annual subscription, and unlocked GPS 7500 receiver 
  • Regional Availability in North America

TerraStar coverage map

Below is a coverage map for TerraStar across the Midwest. The map is courtesy of NovAtel.

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