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Whatever your accuracy needs, there’s a TerraStar signal for you

by Apr 6, 2020Guidance & Steering, Guidance & Steering, Uncategorized

TerraStar is a high-quality correction source Ag Leader has offered since 2014. In the five years, TerraStar has expanded their signal offerings to match different farm needs, price points and geographical needs. Which TerraStar is right for you? We can help! Check out the features of each option below.


This correction signal was introduced in mid-2017 to meet a few purposes. First, it was designed to be an entry-level repeatable correction source for countries with or without a freely available correction source.

  • Even countries with a satellite network like WAAS, make no claims to repeatability. This is where a subscription-based service like TerraStar-L comes in.
  • Signal Obstructions. TerraStar-L handles temporary obstructions such as trees, buildings, etc. better than just WAAS alone
  • TerraStar-L offers 4’’-6’’ repeatable accuracy and is available in annual subscriptions
  • TerraStar-L is available for both GPS 6500 and GPS 7500 receivers
  • One-year free subscription with every new GPS 7500 receiver purchase


TerraStar-C was the first TerraStar correction signal Ag Leader offered, starting when the GPS 6500 receiver was introduced in late 2014. This correction signal filled a need between those wanting something better than WAAS for high accuracy repeatable field operations such as spraying, planting or steering but did not need the absolute accuracy (nor cost) of RTK.

  • TerraStar-C is a correction signal option for the GPS 6500 receiver.
  • TerraStar-C provides 2”-4” (5cm) repeatable accuracy
  • 3-month and 12-month subscriptions available
  • Free 5-day demo

TerraStar-C Pro

TerraStar-C Pro is an improved TerraStar signal created just for the GPS 7500 receiver. It offers quicker convergence and higher accuracy. TerraStar-C Pro fills the gap between cost and performance, simplicity and reliability.

  • 1’’-3’’ repeatable accuracy
  • 3-month and 12-month subscriptions available
  • Free 5-day demo


TerraStar-X is an RTK-level correction source Ag Leader just introduced earlier this year. TerraStar-X delivers RTK From the Sky™ performance, and convergence in under one minute. TerraStar-X is suitable for high accuracy field operations such as steering, planting, strip-tilling, application and more.

  • Sub-inch (2cm) repeatable accuracy
  • 12-month subscription
  • Free 5-day demo

Try TerraStar to get the accuracy you need for spring planting

As mentioned above, TerraStar-C, TerraStar-C Pro and TerraStar-X all offer a free 5-day signal trial. Contact your local Ag Leader dealer for your free trial.

As you can see, Ag Leader offers a host of TerraStar subscriptions that fit many different accuracy needs and price points on the farm. Subscription options provide flexibility for when additional seasonal accuracy is needed.

Ag Leader currently offers a full line of correction signals that include RTK, TerraStar-X, TerraStar-C Pro™, TerraStar-C™, TerraStar-L™, and WAAS/EGNOS in order to serve a large range of producers and crops.

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