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What’s New for Winter Dealer Training?

by Jan 3, 2014SMS™ Software, Training & Support

With field work completed for the year, it’s time for producers and Ag Leader Dealers to sit back and relax for a day or two!  We all know that doesn’t happen and the Ag Leader Academy has the same philosophy.  We’ve put together an all new course schedule from January to March for this winter’s training season. The schedule includes five NEW courses which will provide dealers with new and advanced skill sets to stay on the cutting edge of technology and customer service.


This winter, we are very excited to be hosting a new four-day electrical and hydraulic course to our dealers.  This course will provide attendees with everything they want to know about 12v electrical and hydraulic systems from reading the schematic to advanced troubleshooting.  This will be the first time the Academy has brought in a specialized instructor for a course and our dealer network has already shown great interest, which reflects their strong dedication to the customer.

In addition to the course, we are trying something new by offering three new half-day courses.  The first half-day course will be for AgFiniti, Ag Leader’s all new cloud-based platform.  Attendees will learn everything there is know about AgFiniti – from the cab to the office.  To learn more about AgFiniti, visit the product page.

The last two half-day courses; GPS & Steering Refresher, and Hardware Refresher offer advanced diagnostic troubleshooting experience in the GPS & Steering, DirectCommand™, and SeedCommand™ product lines.  Brand new lab equipment has been developed and built specifically for these courses to provide the most advanced troubleshooting and best product understanding possible.  These new brush-up courses are being offered for those who have attended our other courses and want to keep their skills sharp, learn about new products, and improve their troubleshooting workflow to save everyone time in the field!

SMS™ Software is also adding a new course to their lineup; Water Management, which uses SMS Advanced Software with the Water Management Module to assist users in visualizing their field’s topography, and creating a tile installation plan for their field.  In addition to the software portion, this course will also cover importing, and exporting installed tile lines, tile plans, and reference layers with the Ag Leader® Integra display.  As with any SMS training, this course offering if open to both dealers and customers. 

As you can see, the Academy has been very busy in the last couple months putting together new trainings, building lab equipment, and updating content.  We’re very excited to offer these new courses to our dealer network and continue to keep them on the forefront of technology, and troubleshooting know-how.  Now it’s time to sit back and relax for a day or two! We know that won’t happen, just like you, the coming months will stay busy in preparation for next season, whether it be for training, or planting.