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What’s new to InCommand, SeedCommand and AgFiniti this spring?

by Apr 3, 2018Ag Leader, AgFiniti®, Displays, SeedCommand®

What’s new to InCommand™, SeedCommand and AgFiniti this spring? Well, a lot! Be sure to update your InCommand display to v3.2. This will be the latest version for spring 2018. 

Here’s what’s new: 


InCommand now has the ability to access all in-cab, internet-based functionality through a single data connection source. Connect to both NTRIP RTK corrections and AgFiniti® utilizing a single data plan for cost and convenience.


Also, Ag Leader offers a 4G LTE capable modem that automatically powers on with the display and provides internet connection in the cab. You still have the flexibility to use a hotspot of your choice, as well. Learn more here


DisplayCast now loads reference maps in real-time, allowing planting operations with rate control planters and ground drives to run in the same field. This also allows different application products to be applied by different machines in the same field at the same time.


Down Force Trends Graph

At a glance verification that each row is automatically adjusting downforce as expected. Quickly and easily verify correct installation and operation health of the downforce system.
Planter Performance Split Screen for All Crop Types
The planter performance split screen is now available for all crop types when the configuration is using row-by-row downforce. This means that all crop types will display readouts for population, seed spacing, meter speed (SureDrive®) and downforce applied, gauge wheel readings and trends, as well as vacuum (if equipped).


Seed Rows

Have you wanted the ability to select your rate by row? With the new Seed Row feature, you can now select which rows you want each rate group to control. SureDrive rate group selections include Male, Female, or none. Independently run prescriptions on each rate group across the planter! Seed Rows is an unlock feature on the InCommand 1200 display.


AgFiniti continues to roll out with comprehensive tools that bring more value. Now, with an AgFiniti Essentials License, you can view all your displays remotely on any web-enabled device. This tool is really handy to see other operator’s displays to ensure everything is going alright in the cab.

Comparison Reports
Comparing stats is a snap in AgFiniti! See how planting rates affect yield, or look into the yield by soil type and quickly visualize the difference between varieties and yield. Simply choose which report you want to run and adjust the filters. No setup required! Learn more here

From all of us at Ag Leader, have a safe and successful planting season!