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Winter Dealer Training Comes to an End

by Apr 5, 2011Training & Support


It’s been a long winter!  I am sure that everyone can agree that they welcome the longer daylight hours and warmer weather that spring has to offer.  Springtime brings something different for everyone.  For growers, it may be pulling the planting and tillage equipment out of the shed to prepare before heading to the field. For Ag Leader Support staff, it brings an end to the winter customer and dealer trainings and begins the time when they help growers and dealers with their Ag Leader planting, spraying and guidance equipment over the phone. In my last post, I caught everyone up on what was happening at Ag Leader Academy and shared with you some pictures of our dealer training equipment.

 Now that winter dealer training is complete and spring is here, we are excited to have our dealers put this knowledge to good use for installations, setup and operation of Ag Leader equipment. Upon successful completion of training courses at Ag Leader Academy, our dealers will receive a Certificate of Completion to display at his or her dealership. The next time you stop in at your Ag Leader dealership, look for their certificates; below is a picture of what you will see.  Until next time, have a safe planting season and keep an eye on our web page for upcoming trainings.  We had a successful winter training season, and we are already looking forward to the next training sessions!

Certificate copy