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Your time is important too – Part I

by May 4, 2010SMS™ Software

Just like you look at maps and reports to see what your fields are telling you and later make a prescription recipe that will improve your profitability, we collect all of the feature requests and other items you have asked for and we implement them into newer versions of SMS Software.

In SMS Advanced Version 10.0, we are very excited to have improved many areas within the Analysis Wizard.  This is the first of a two-part series of posts where I'll be outlining some of the key changes we have added in this release.   

For starters, in the main toolbar, we have added a button to get into the Analysis Wizard.  Once in the wizard, there are several areas of improvement that we think you'll like.  The buttons larger and contain more information, such as descriptions and the number of saved functions for each type of analysis. 

Analysis Wizard button in main toolbar.

If you are like me, you probably have several functions that you have used in the past and you aren't sure if you'll need them again, but you also have many that you use on a regular basis. We have added a “Favorites” button (yellow star) to place the most used functions at the top of the list in each grouping. I also find myself running fuctions more than once, so we have added a way to “remember” the last used function.  This way you don't have to hunt to find the function when you come back the next visit. 

Analsysis wizard

Another area of improvement is the process to run an Analysis Function.  Instead of having to go through all the setup steps, we have divided the setup and the run steps so that once you have a function set up the way you want it, you only need to select the field(s) that you wish to run it on to get the results you are looking for.

I've saved some of the biggest changes for tomorrow's post, so visit us again to see the other improvements that we think you will like.  For those that like to look ahead, you can view the release notes for details on all the enhancements we have added in V10.0.