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Data Management

Data collected from precision ag has immense value for making the correct management decisions.


Protect your seed investment by being in control of how much seed you plant and where it's planted.


On-the-go yield monitoring, in-depth performance analysis, highly accurate data collecting and more.


Ensure that your application process is as efficient and profitable as possible by applying at the correct rates.

Water Management

Water is crucial for crops. Manage it with the same precision as the rest of your operation.

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Ag Leader

Gear up for Spring with Planting Prescriptions!

Shannon Mitchell - 02/26/15

One way to maximize your inputs for 2015 is to use variable rate planting within your operation. With our SMS software, you can create planting prescriptions that will utilize your fields’ past yield data, soil type, and soil sampling information. In both SMS Basic and SMS Advanced, you have the ability to create planting/seeding as well as fertilizing prescriptions on a field-by-field basis. You may use any map as a reference layer to build these prescriptions.

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Ag Leader

Tips from Tech: Get Your Data Ready for the Year

Derek White - 02/17/15

Looks like Phil the groundhog saw his shadow this year meaning a few more weeks of winter. That means now is a great time to begin writing those prescriptions, cleaning up the management tree, and setting up the displays before busy season is upon us. To make this process easier, take a look below for some tips on getting files out to the display.

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