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TurnPath™ now available from Ag Leader

by Nov 28, 2023Ag Leader, Blog, Displays, Featured, Guidance & Steering, Guidance & Steering

Ames, Iowa – November 28, 2023. TurnPath™, hands-free steering for automatic, repeatable end-of-row turns, is now available from Ag Leader. The new feature reduces the steps a grower must take when approaching a headland maximizing his time in the field.


“The combination of things a grower has to think about as he readies to and ultimately makes a turn at the end of a field can be stressful,” says Mans Vossebeld, Ag Leader Product Specialist. “By automating the end-of-row turn, TurnPath gives a grower the ability to pay better attention to other tasks.”


An intuitive system


Ease of use, flexibility, and trust were at the forefront of TurnPath development. From the very beginning, the goal was to create a high-quality product a grower can trust to work seamlessly across his entire fleet.


“It must perform consistently,” Vossebeld says. “TurnPath has been tested in a wide array of farming practices, in all seasons, across four continents to ensure it just works.”


Because TurnPath takes advantage of Ag Leader’s boundary guidance feature, the same path is followed consistently year-round.


“TurnPath has been built to fit seamlessly into a grower’s operation,” Vossebeld says. “Much hard work has gone into creating a feature that can simply be turned on and used from the get-go. Like other products in the Ag Leader portfolio, TurnPath is user friendly, which makes fine-tuning it a piece of cake. We are extremely excited to get TurnPath onto many farms.”


Turning toward the future


While there is a trend on the horizon toward full autonomy, Ag Leader recognizes the immense value a grower brings to the cab.

Standing shoulder to shoulder in the field with a grower, we want to unlock the value of technology together. We want to provide products that have a direct impact on his everyday operation,Vossebeld says. “We continue to focus on automating around the operator by adding more features, like TurnPath, to further increase his value in the cab. This not only helps a grower become a better operator but also enables him to better manage the farm from the cab.” 

With a one-time unlock fee in the InCommand® display, TurnPath is an affordable solution that is available now for SteadySteer® and SteerCommand® Z2. 


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